Indoor Spaces

Closet Accessory Organizers

Get a custom closet design that includes space for all your accessories! Our secure organizers have space for jewelry, cuff links, heirlooms, and more.

Accessories are the best way to personalize your look – and your home’s interior. We offer custom closet organizers in a variety of designs to improve any Fargo, ND home! Pick your favorites today for a completely personalized look made just for you:

  • Velvet lined jewelry drawers with an optional acrylic sliding top tray
  • Pull-out necklace boards
  • Tilt-front and pull-out laundry hampers
  • Tray dividers for pantries
  • Pull-out spice and wine racks
  • Shoe shelves
  • Pull-out and soft-close pant racks
  • Bling hardware
  • Pull-out and swivel belt and tie racks
  • Pop-out garment valets
  • Hydraulic pull-downs
  • Lighting
  • The Boot Pole
  • Pull-out and swivel and soft-close mirrors
  • Crown molding high heel shelves
  • Hooks