Tips for Organizing Your Closet this Spring from Smart Spaces

Spring cleaning isn’t all about dusting fans and scrubbing bathtubs—it’s also a great time for reorganizing your life, starting with your closet! As many residents of Fargo are aware, spring is time to put away winter scarves, mittens, coats and boots and bring back t-shirts, sandals and shorts. If you don’t have an organized closet, […]

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Craft room closet organizers in Sioux Falls

The Best 10 Tips to Declutter Your Craft Room

Your craft room is a multipurpose space where sewing, crochet materials, scrapbooking, and more all need to be stored in close proximity. Just because everything is in the same space doesn’t mean you can’t have the clean craft room of your dreams. There are some very real mental and physical benefits to getting organized (including […]

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Closet organizers in Sioux Falls include clothing hangers

The 5 Types of Clothes Hangers You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Our master bedroom closet organizers have helped Sioux Falls homes go from disastrous to dazzling. One of the questions we often get from homeowners is how best to store clothes in the closet once their design is complete. Sliding belt and tie racks offer great solutions for your accessories, but the clothes you wear on […]

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